Avoid some types of alternative of sex lubricants? explain what are these?

Avoid some types of alternative of sex lubricants? explain what are these?

We all knows that how much lubrication is important. when we talk about sex lubricants its we always first think about some of the best lubricant which is water based lubricant, oil based lubricant and the silicone based lubricant. or sometimes natural lube, ky jelly and anal lubricant for anal purpose only. but some people in our all over the world they every times need alternatives of the things which is not right alternatives are not the superior things . they have to understand that alternatives are not works like the original that's why they are in danger and after sometimes they will suffer from the infections, lots of diseases like sexual transmitted disease, irritation in intimate areas, itchiness etc.

Because a healthy vagina should maintain the ph level of 3.5 to 4.5, so the lube you should use also be around the same level. Not less them and not very high level otherwise it will harmful for your vagina and as well as for penis also. Also you have to always pay attention on the ingredients of lube. Infect, there are few names and things which people always used as alternative of lubes but this is definitely wrong decision. because they cause of infections, so let's watch some of these are

Glycerin :

Glycerin always affect the vagina, because it contains moisture and these types of moisture (glycerin) shows up in lots of lubricants mostly in the flavoured lube and warming lube. If your vagina once in contact with glycerin, that its might struggle. Glycerin is a metabolic by product of sugar. please avoid the use of glycerin.

Petroleum jelly: - Please do not using Vaseline or baby oil as prersonal lube. we specify it here because some people want to use and some of you are used it as lubricant. This type of lubricating jelly harmful because it leads to higher chances of infection like bacterial vaginosis.

These types of lube alternatives can cause you maximize the risk of infections so make sure that you cannot use these type of lubricant. if in case people don't want to use lube than they can also can use the lubricant condom.

Name the lubricant which are the best?

Name the lubricant which are the best?

There are different types of lubricants which is very good and not harmful for your body. but still you have to use it in right manner. so let's see what are these:

Anal lubricant:

anal lube are necessary when you are involving in the anal intercourse and anal masturbation. you can choose anal lubricant online .

Water based lubricant:

It is a most common type of lubricant and feels like natural lubrication. This is only one and best lube because it goes well with all types of sex toys whether it is a silicone toy or a glass toy. water based lubricant are safer to use in all type of sexual act, oral sex, intercourse, etc. This lubricant is water soluble, so easy to remove after intercourse. It can wash away quickly from the clothes or sheets. But this water based lubricant is not water resistance.

Silicone based lubricants:

silicone based lubricant is for more slipperiness. It is long lasting than a water based lubricant. Silicon lubricant or gel is insoluble in water. Couples may use it in a shower, bathtub means in underwater sex. It allows skin feel soft and smooth. The silicone-based lubricant is not suitable to use with silicone made sex toys. if you use it with silicone sex toys than its possible that your sex toys may damage. this is one of the moisturizing lubricant.

Oil based lubricants:

oil based lube is not suitable for sexual intercourse. It can damage the latex in condoms. Baby oil, petroleum jelly, body lotion, etc are included in oil-based lubricant. The lubricant oil is great for masturbation, massages and playing with any sex toy. sex oil allows smooth and enough lubrication in the latex free act. Anal lubricants and sex lotion are also often oil type.

What will happen if you use lubricant in right way?

What will happen if you use lubricant in right way?

If you apply sex lube in right manner than you will definitely see the good results. You can feel that after applying lubricants that your intercourse will become more slippery and easy. So you can hold the grip of insertion for long time. it will also enhance your mood and arousal.

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