What are homemade sex lube?

What are homemade sex lube?

Homemade lubricants are those lubricants which are made by household products and it used in sexual activities. You know that there are some personal lubricants available in use but those lubricant includes many kinds of chemicals and other harmful ingredients which is harmful for skin. Vaginal, penis and anus are the most sensitive parts of your body and they highly absorb the lubricant and the harmful chemicals. But luckily there are some household products that work as alternative lube.

Lubricant is work for reduce the friction. In that way, sex becomes smooth, easy and painless too. So you have to collect some inexpensive household’s products from your kitchen for make lubricant. There are basically some alternatives that can be used as a lubricant for sex- Aloe Vera gel, natural oil like coconut oil, avocado oil and olive oil. There are more household things that you can be used as the lubricant such as – egg white, corn starch and water, chocolate body butter and flax seeds with water.

Types of homemade sex lubes.

Types of homemade sex lubes.

You can make many different types of lubricant from your household items and products. This inexpensive too, you can get same texture and feel to use these household lubricants. So there are some types of homemade lubricant are-

Aloe- Vera gel

When we talk about Aloe-Vera gel so it is a product which is reduces the friction automatically, because of its smooth texture. You can get Aloe-Vera from any drugstore, pharmacies and you can get it from your garden. But remember that don’t use alcohol or chemical mix Aloe-Vera gel use 100% pure Aloe-Vera gel. Chemical mix Aloe-Vera gel might be some unnecessary healthy issue. This is the great as a sex lubricant and it is also beneficial for your skin.

Natural Oils

You can use avocado oil, coconut oil and olive oil as a natural lubricant. If you are up to masturbation then these oils are best thing to use as lubricants. These oils are totally organic. But you can’t use it with condoms because oil based lubricant are destroys your condom during penetration.

Corn starch and water

You can make water based lubricant with corn starch and water. You have to just mix one cup of water in 4table spoon of corn starch, then mix it well. Keep sure that there are no lumps in the mixture, and texture is just like the water based lubricant. Next you have to stir it for 30 seconds on low heat flame. After it cool down you can use this solution with your condom easily as water based lubricant.

Flax seeds or water

Use two tables of spoon flax seeds and two cup of water. Boiling this mixture on low flam for some time. Flex seeds releasing oil when you are boiling it with water. Then once it done simmer quickly about 20 minutes. Then strain the flex seeds and use it. You can’t use it with condoms because it contains oil somewhere.

These are some natural way to make lubricant with using some of your grocery and household products.

Specifications of homemade sex lube?

Specifications of homemade sex lube?

All the homemade lubricants contain moistures so they absorb by the skin and provide moisture to your skin. If we talk about personal lubricant then there are different types of lubricant in market. But they contain sugar and other harmful ingredient of lubricant. Sugar is not good for the mucosal vaginal walls, it causing the yeast infection. But if you can use the homemade lubricant then you have not to worry about this problem because homemade sex lube doesn't include the sugar.

All the petrochemical lubricants, especially those who have the cooling effect, they can cause the cell death which is situated in tour skin tissues. So the homemade lubricants are also safe with this problem also. There are no ingredients includes in the natural lube that can be cause of skin tissue cell death or other kind of infection. Homemade Natural lubricant oils only contain moisture so you can use as a moisturizing lubricant. You can also use homemade sex lube as foreplay sex lube.

You can use homemade lubricant and you can preserve some of the lubricant for two or three months as like personal lubricant. These are inexpensive in comparison of personal lubricant. You can’t use some of the lubricant with the condoms over all. The use of natural lubricant are compatible or safe for human skin. You also cannot use homemade lubricant with lubricant condom.

Advantages of using homemade sex lube over other lubes.

Advantages of using homemade sex lube over other lubes.

The first good thing about homemade natural lubricants is organic and the personal lubricants are non-organic. Natural lubricant prevents all the effect of vaginal dryness and irritation effect also, because some of the natural ingredients are work as remedy for skin. Like Aloe-Vera, Aloe-Vera has not includes any small kind of ingredients that harmful for your skin, you can use it in the place of KY-jelly personal lubricant it is completely organic, healthy and safe and best lubricant for your skin even you can use it with condom also.

Aloe-Vera work as like water based lubricant it is safe and compatible with all types of sex toys and with condom. One of the best things about homemade natural lubricant is they are very inexpensive in comparison of all the personal lubricant. You can make it in your kitchen in least time. You can use all homemade lubricant as like flavoured lube because all oil contains beautiful smell and fragrance that can be helpful for enhancing your sexual mood or pleasure.

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