Lube with sex toy?

How to use lubricant

When there is a lack of lubrication during sex, then the use of the lubricant stops the stubbornness. Those who are interested in sex should want to have sex for long periods, then lubricant should be used. After applying lubricant, male partner and you cannot kiss or suck the vagina otherwise this is a cause of infections and itchiness.After sex, you have to clean and remove the prersonal lube, so that no infection can occur. It is good to use lube with the sex toys. But there are some kind of sex toys like some BDSM sex toys. you cannot use the lube with sex toys in some cases. If you are using lubricant in your masturbation during the use of sex toy than you will see the difference. lubricant gives you more smooth and soft masturbation and insertion. Sometimes people are just trying and trying to insert the sex toys in the vagina and the anus but they cannot do that because lack of lubrication and where lack of lubrication means there is no smoothness. So the use of lubricant is important also.

Masturbating is also a fun time lubricant

Masturbating is also a fun time lubricant

This is one of the best question and common also. We just say that the type of sex lubricant is depends on your skin type and secondly on the sex toy type. there are different types of lubricant available in the market and online stores but you have to choose with remember all the precautions in your mind. Precaution and important things like if you have any allergy than you should avoid the lubricants which contains the sugar. So these are the things that you should remember when you buy a lubricant.

Generally three types of lubricants are available in the market and online stores like water based lube, silicone based lube and the oil based lube. each one of them have their own characteristics. You have to choose of the best for you. Besides three of these some of the people prefer to use natural lube, warming lube, tingling gel lube these all three provides you special sensational effects.

•Besides them three, let's see what are the other options:


KY-jelly is best lubricant because this is a type of water based lubricant. And as we all knows that water based lubricant goes perfect with all the sex toys whether the toys material is silicone or plastic no matters. ky-jelly provides moisture to your skin and its works like moisturizing lubricant also.

Anal lube:

anal lube is require when you are performing anal sex and anal masturbation. There is many of anal lubricant benifits.

Flavoured lube:

flavoured lube is provide you intense fragrance and flavour during sex. Like if you buy some fruit flavoured sex lube than this will provide you fruits sweet smell. You can easily buy them from online. You can use it as vaginal lube or foreplay sex lube.

Lubricant condoms:

ome people are there who don't like the use of lubricant so when you want to intimate with your partner and use sex toys like dildo then you can use the lubricants condoms.

Attention points while you buy or use lubricants with sex toys?

Attention points while you buy or use lubricants with sex toys?

When you are buy or use lubricant than you have to be careful. Because not every type of sex oil and sex lotion always suits your skin type. All ingredients of lube are not compatible with all types of skin and also not with the sex toy material. If you are using silicone material made sex toys than you can't use silicone based lube and lubricating jelly. Because silicone lubricant gel not compatible with the silicone sex toy and if you are used it than your sex toy may damage soon. Same as the lubricant oil, is not compatible with the latex condom, or it can be break your condom during use. if you don't know that how to use lube and how to buy lube than you can get help from the sex toy India site. Make sure that you are properly clean yourself before the use of lubricant and you can use pubic hair removal cream for remove the pubic hairs. you should use the lubricant applicators,for applying lube properly.

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