About sex lubricant?

About sex lubricant?

When a couple is in intimacy it is very important to have a lubricant on hand for the moment of sexual intercourse. Lubricants and sex are the perfect mix to enjoy more and better the relationship with your partner. Using lubricants is very common and very beneficial, because it helps to avoid injury at the time of penetration, and even more when there is dryness in the intimate parts. To give you a better idea of which are the most popular in the market and how they can help you. sex lubricant for females use very easy.

Safe sex is not only pleasant but also healthy. That is why it is important that the couple enjoy it and have a good time. For women, it can sometimes be helpful to use some vaginal lubricant, either for physical reasons or just for pleasure. water base lube is home made sex lube

Uses of sex lubricants and its benefits?

Uses of sex lubricants and its benefits?

However, when choosing the right sex lubricant, the variety of lubricants available in the market can make the selection confusing. Which one is more convenient? The choice should not be based on visual or marketing issues. In fact, the different types of lubricants can be adapted to different situations and women. sex lube usage for men and women. when the come Fragrance from any lube that is flavoured sex lube .

For example, it is not the same for an adult woman who has already entered into menopause as a young woman. lube for men also simply use .In general, specialists recommend these products to women who are in menopause and have the discomfort of vaginal dryness that can occur during this stage due to hormonal changes and decreased estrogen. sex lotion also lubricant.

On the contrary, young women do not usually have these discomforts. However, they may need lubricants to facilitate sex with the use of condoms or to enhance pleasure. Of course, the proper lubricant for the ones is not always the same as for the others.

What is the problem of not using an appropriate lubricant? Although nothing may happen, sometimes unexpected reactions may occur, such as more vaginal dryness, infections in the vagina, breaks in the condom, difficulty in achieving pregnancy and allergic reactions, among others.somthin all lady lubes are vaginal lube .

Therefore, take note of the following information and the next time you think about improving your sexual relationship choose the best lubricant for you, as far as possible, in a pharmacy (it is always more advisable to buy them in "sex shops" or in a store of articles related to sex, when buying products that have direct contact with your vulva)

How sex lubricant increase sex pleasure?

How sex lubricant increase sex pleasure?

1. Remember that your genital organs require special care. Do not use all the products available in the market. Consult with your doctor before.

2. If you have problems linked to menopause, it is best to use regular vaginal moisturizers and lubricants during sexual intercourse. Among the most popular are the K-Y jelly and Nururun Lube in India, which contains methylcellulose and carboxymethylcellulose. if you use firest time so please read the lube guide .

3. Choose isosmolar lubricants, which contain the same concentration of minerals and other components of the cells, so they do not produce dryness. And avoid hyperosmolar lubricants, which are the ones that have more salts, carbohydrates and proteins than inside the cells of the vagina or rectum, since these cause the cells to lose water and produce dryness. The latter can also make you more vulnerable to contracting the HIV virus. sex lubes for lady use it for sex.

4. If you are young and have a sexually active life, using lubricants can help you combat the vaginal dryness of some stages such as breastfeeding or the product of a medication that has this side effect (like certain contraceptives), but you could also use them to avoid break the condom, even if you do not have vaginal dryness problems. In any case, be careful to select the correct lubricant.

5. Choose a vaginal lubricant made from water. These are safe, can be washed easily and are compatible with latex products (such as condoms or other accessories).

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