What is sex lotion?

What is sex lotion?

Sex lotion is a special type of lotion which people used during the sexual activity. Sex lotion sometimes is also called the personal lubricant, sex lubricant or lube. Couple use the sex lotion for practical use. People can apply the personal lubricant near the genital area. The main purpose of using the sex lotion during the sexual activity is to reduce the friction. Any types of people can easily use the sex lotion. People generally used it during the sexual activity with partners or during masturbation.

In the market varieties of sex lotion is available. The different types of sex lubricant is used for different purpose. The different types of lubricant has different ingredients. Couple can easily purchase the sex lube from the medical store.

Now a day, it becomes very easy for any people to buy the sex lotion. People can buy it either from the medical store or from the e-commerce sites. In all over the world there are many e-commerce sites which offer the varieties of sex lotion. Couple can easily select any one of the lotions. If couple purchase the sex lotions from the online store then it is important for them to check the expiration date and read the reviews before purchasing it.

Types of sex lotions?

Types of sex lotions?

The different types of sex lotion is water based lubricant, silicone based lubricant, lubricating jelly, oil based lubricant, natural lubricant, flavored lubricant, lubricant gel etc. All these personal lubricant is made with different types of ingredients and used for different purpose.

Water based lubricant

Water based lubricant is one of the most popular sex lubricant. The main ingredients of the lubricant is water so it is easily dissolved in water. Water based lubricant is compatible with all types of sex toys and condoms. If people use the water based lubricant during the sexual activity then they should reapply it if needed because it has tendency to dry out. Most of the water based lubricant does not have any chemical substance, so it is safe for the skin. Example of water based lubricant is ky jelly.

Silicone based lubricant

The main ingredients of silicone based lubricant is silicone. Silicone based lubricant does not easily get dissolve, so people can easily use it during the underwater sex or pool. Most of the anal lube is silicone based. Couple use the silicone based lubricant for the long term play. Silicone based lubricant is compatible with all types of condom but people should avoid using it with silicone made sex toys. If couple use the silicone based lubricant with silicone made sex toys then there is possibility that the surface of the silicone toys get damage.

Oil based lubricant

Couple use the oil based lubricant for long term play. It does not easily get dissolve. Oil based lubricant or lubricant oil is compatible with all types of sex toys. If couple use the latex condom with oil lubricant or sex oil then the condom will break because oil lubricant breaks the latex condom.

Natural lubricant

The people who have sensitive skin can prefer the natural lubricant. Natural lubricant does not contain any chemical substance, so it is safe for body. It is only made with the natural or organic substance.

Flavoured lubricant

In the market flavored lubricant is available in different flavour such as strawberry, chocolate, mint, vanilla etc. The people who have allergy with latex smell can prefer the flavour lubricant. People generally use the flavour lubricant during oral sex or foreplay.

How to use sex lotion?

How to use sex lotion?

Before involving in the sexual activity, people should use the pubic hair removal cream. People should always select the best lubricant for sexual activity. Before applying the sex lotion, it is important for people to clean their genital area with water. If people are using the personal lubricant for the first time then it is necessary for people to take the patch test. If people is okay with patch test then only sex lube use.

Now people should take a small amount of sex lotion on the tip of the finger and apply it near the genital area. If people is using any types of sex toys then it is important for them to apply the personal lubricant on the surface of the sex toys also. After completing this process, couple can easily involve in the sexual activity. Couple also use sex lotion during the masturbation.

It is necessary for the couple to use the condom during the sexual activity. Couple can either use the simple condom and apply the personal lubricant according to their choice or they use the lubricant condoms.

Advantages of using sex lotions during foreplay?

Advantages of using sex lotions during foreplay?

There are many advantage of using the sex lotions during the sexual activity or foreplay. Sex lotion reduce the friction so that people does not feel pain during intercourse. Some of the sex lotion also acts as a moisturizer, so people can apply it to any part of the body. This type of lotion is called the moisturizing lubricant. People use this type of lotion to massage any part of the body.

While involving in the foreplay, people generally prefer the flavoured lubricant. Some of the sex lotion provides the unique sensation which help people to get excited. It is important for people to know how to use lubricant.

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