What is sex lube?

What is sex lube?

Sex Lube is used by people while they intend to have sex. Mainly sex lubes are prepared for couples to provide them ease during intercourse. Sex lubes can be used by both males and females on their genitals. These sex lubes reduces rigidness or dryness from genitals and provides smoothness or flexibility for better insertion. Lubes are used to get rid of dryness and that becomes easy in penetration. Sex lubes are viscous in nature that assists people to make their intercourse easy. Sex lubes are available also in many flavors so it can be say as flavoured lube. These flavored lubes include variant fragrances, colors etc. so users may get as per their requirement. Sex lubes are specifically manufactured for people to use for the sex purpose. So people do not face any issue while having sex. Males use lubes on their penis and anus. On the other side females use lubes on their clitoris, vagina and anal.

Different types of sex lube?

Different types of sex lube?

There are many types of sex lubes prepared for males and females both. Water based lubes, silicone based lube, petroleum based lube, Oil based Lubricants etc. are the kind of natural lube. These natural lubricants are almost varied from other kind of lubes. The ingredients of lubricants are used to make natural lubes are fully pure and natural. These best lubricants are appropriate for people during sex or masturbation. Anybody may purchase these lubes because these lubes are also available in cheaper costs.

Silicone Based Lubricants

Silicone based lubricants are widely used by males and females both. Silicone based lubricants are completely skin friendly that does not harm human body skin or irritate skin during use or after using even this lubricant is very easy to wipe up from skin. But you have to conscious while using as if you use this lube then do not forget to clean it from your skin. These lubes are available in different colors and flavors so users may get as per their requirement. If users want to get viscous experience then they should purchase it.

Oil Based Lubricants

Oil based lubricants are prepared by including varied kind of oils so it is necessary to use these lubricants after taking full and proper precaution. People may feel some allergic reactions so it is advisable to use less quantity of lubricant oil. It is also advisable that do not intend to use these oil based lubricants along with latex condom because it may weaken your Lubricants Condoms or condom may get break. You may get sexual transmitted disease or face issues of unplanned pregnancy if condom breaks.

Water Based Lubricants

Water based lubricants are hugely use by people because these lubricants are cheaper in cost and also easily available in markets or shops. These lubricants are easy to clean or remove from skin so mostly users prefer this lube for their sex purpose. It provides enough moisture on vagina if it feels dryness. Glycerin is also added there in these lubricants.

Petroleum Based Lubricants

KY jelly. Oils are used in it to prepare these lubricants. These lubricants are prepared with jelly which is soft and sleek by nature. It becomes advisable to use petroleum lubes or lubricating jelly after taking proper prescription from doctor because these lubes are bit flammable in nature. These lubricant gels are somewhat expensive so users are advised to prefer other lubes instead of it. But these lubes may also for sex purpose.

How to use sex lube?

How to use sex lube?

Males use lubes for their penis for having easy penetration. Lubes protect penis from unwanted inflammation. Lubes are used for reducing dryness or harshness from genitals. Likewise females use lubricant on their anal and vagina for comfortable and easy penetration of sex toys or penis. These are some most practical use of sex lubes in perspective of intercourse. Whenever you are going to use these lubes that time you have to conscious about nature of particular lube. You have to reapply again on your genitals if you want to have sex again. These lubes are also used as anal lubes. So couples who want to have anal sex may use sex lube as anal lube because it will be difficult to penetrate penis into sensitive anal because it is a tight hole. So couples will feel less pain after using anal lube.

Advantages of using sex lube?

Advantages of using lubricating jelly with sex toys

Lubes assist well to get rid of from dryness of vagina. Females may enjoy sex with their male partner after getting moisture on vagina. Couples may add lubes in their life for getting best sex pleasure. Lube help couples by reducing their efforts of sex. Sex lubes are user friendly and beginners should use these lubes to avoid friction or rigidness while having intercourse with partner. Lubes may assist too in solo sessions for both females and males if they playing with sex toys. These lubes are also available in cheaper cost so everyone may purchase. These sex lubricants are best in durability so individuals may use these lubes for long time as well as these lubes are best in portability.

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