What is sex oil?

What is sex oil?

Sex oil and sex lubes work different kind of purpose. Sex oil is basically help in enlargement and lubrication, masturbation and intercourse. Sex oil stimulates the power of penetration and sex. It helps to become sex more smooth and easy.

The product sex oil and lubricants are primarily designed to decrease or reduce the friction and easy penetration. This handy watery or oily substance is usually applied to the penis, vagina or anus during sexual intercourse while it is also applied to sex toys while masturbating. They are safe to use with condoms made from nitrile.

The oil contains lots of moisture so our skin becomes glowing and smooth while doing penetration. Using natural oil based lubricant and personal lube is good and healthy.

Different types of sex oil?

Different types of sex oil?

These lubricants and sex oil can be easily found in your kitchen. The general rule is that if it’s safe for you to eat, it’s safe to put on your vulva and inside your vagina. The body can clear out natural oils more easily than petroleum-based lubricants.

There are different kinds of sex oil and lubricant oil available in market and online stores. Such as- avocado oil, olive oil, peanut oil, coco butter, Shea butter, almond oil and sunflower oil. And there are also some synthetic based sex lube is like lubricating jelly mineral oils and KY jelly.

All these oils are completely organic and contain lots off moistures and very rich kind of perception for women’s sensitive skin. Besides that many types of sex lubricants and personal lubricants are also available in online stores- such as;

Water based lubricant

Water based lubricants are best lubricants and common and popular in use while sex and penetration. And most of the water based lubes and flavoured lube are highly contains glycerin with is important and healthy for vaginal skin. It is absorb by skin so you can use more than one time during sex and intercourse.

Oil based lubricants

Lubricant oil are long lasting in comparison of water based it is not absorbing by the skin and it is full of moisture some of this natural lubes are-Avocado oil, olive oil, peanut oil, coco butter, Shea butter, almond oil and sunflower oil. You can practical use of all these Oil based Lubricants in during sex.

Silicone based lubricant

Silicone based lubricants last the longest of all and are especially recommended for women with vaginal dryness or genital pain. Silicone lubricant gels is different from the silicone used in breast implants and is not considered dangerous; it cannot penetrate through the skin’s pores. And the second good thing about silicone lube that it can be stays in underwater because of the sickness.

How to use sex oil?

How to use sex oil?

It is important for better sex and more pleasure and stimulation that how to use of sex oil and lubricants. The use of sex oil and lube is important for reducing the friction between penis and anus and vagina. And we can use the sex oil with sex toys also.

Use it with sex toys and masturbation-you can use the sex oil and lubricant with the sex toys and with sex vibrators. If you can use it for the first time that you should know about the quantity (some drops), quality and for that you can read the guide books for that. Some of the ingredients of lubricants are not compatible with the condoms like latex you cannot use oil based or silicone based lubricants with the condoms.

If you have dry hands, no need to use a moisturizing lotion that could contain unwanted chemicals, especially inside you. Just apply a few drops to your finger before touching yourself for a smoother feel.

Use it during anal intercourse- some of the lubricants are specialized for anal sex which we can know as anal lubes.

Use it in blowjob- Yes you can use any favored lube for blow job. Mostly women used spit during blow job but in comparison you can also use the flavored lube it is last longer than spit.

Use it for massage- sex oils are best for sexy massage of whole body like you can use it for back massage that is intensifying your pleasure.

Advantages of using sex oil?

Advantages of using sex oil?

High quality of lubricant oil ensures the smoothness and motorization of your skin. If you have any kind of vaginal issues like dryness, infection, burning, irritation and other then sex oils and lubricants are best for use.

Flavored lubes can make oral sex much more fun, and are safer than using cream or honey; it can be cause of infections. And it’s also good for using with condoms because sometimes like when you are in menopause age you can’t get natural lubrication so then you can use condom with lubricants and lubricants condomsare also available online.

Sex oils and lubricants are reducing the pain while doing intercourse. Women those fight with allergies or sensitive skin, choosing a more natural option like coconut oil, with no added chemicals or toxins, can also make for an appealing lubricant.

Lube makes it 50% easier for both women and men to orgasm. And if couples want to reach g-spot and orgasm so you can go ahead easily with the sex oils and lubricants. Because of its slippery texture.

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