What is sex natural lubricant?

What is sex natural lubricant?

Sex lubricant or Love lotion (lubricated jelly) is what makes you feel when it is hard to get wet and you want to enjoy more time with him.The benefits of using Love Lotion are that it is easy to improve pleasure and that it reduces pain during insertion. If you have a long insertion time, using it can prevent pain. In addition, because it has the effect of reducing friction, it is also a benefit not to be irritated after sex.However, the disadvantage is that some people may feel uncomfortable or feel rash.If you do not feel the need, you will not use it forcibly.

There are three main types of Lubricants or lotions: Water base lubricants Glycerin is the main Ingredients of lubricant and it is safe to enter the mouth. It is easy to flush and easy to flush. Silicone base lubricants It is hard to dry because it is mainly composed of silicon and has a lasting sense of nulliness. Oil base lubricants Vegetable oil is the main component, has good growth, and is suitable for long-term use. Water-based ones are smooth, so it is recommended that you use them when it is difficult to get wet or before they start getting wet. If the insertion is smooth, then the evidence is correct.Silicon-based ones are easy to sustain, so they are suitable for use by people who have long insertion and vaginal dryness and sex lube and sex lube.Also, oil-based ones can be damaged by using in combination with condoms and are not recommended.

Do you use sex lubricant for sex?

Do you use sex lubricant for sex?

In this article, I will introduce lotion, which is a necessity for sex. There are many types of Lube and lotions in a nutshell, so many people are wondering which one to use? So I have tried many lotions and I will tell you the points of how to choose the lotion I recommend and the lotion that is best for insertion & suitable for insertion & mat play. Men and women have slightly changed the use of lotions. In the case of men, applying lotion to the penis is for the purpose of not hurting with the friction of hands or pussy, plus the feel of the lotion feels good, so it is also a favor for lotions like Pizzly, Smata, Matte Play lubricants condoms etc Use.

On the other hand, since the vagina of a woman becomes a mucous membrane, inserting a penis in a dry state may damage the pussy and cause bleeding, so it is used to protect the vagina. Lotion is not only applied in the body to enjoy it, but it can be put into the vagina of a woman, and it goes from licking a pussy and a penis with lotion to the mouth, so choosing a lotion that suits your play will result in more sex Will be fun.

A warm feeling type of lotion is a lotion where the skin layer of the pussy and penis becomes thin and warm when applied to a thin mucous membrane part. The warmth promotes blood circulation in the painted area, making it more sensitive and comfortable. The lotion of menthol type also cools down by applying to the mucous membrane part where the skin layer is thin.

It is recommended to use it as an insert for warmth and menthol type as it is hard to feel too warm or cold in places where the skin layer is thick. There is no problem with putting these two types in the mouth, but I do not recommend the act of giving up because there are many things that feel bitter. You can enjoy sex when you use the sense of warmth type during cold season, and the use of different types such as menthol type during hot season. A type of lotion that is difficult to dry is a slightly sticky lotion that is slightly sticky like natto. The place where this lotion is good is hard to dry, so while it swells up during sex, it takes time to add lotion.

However, the drawback is that it takes time to wash it out! The type of lotion that can be easily post-treated is that it can be easily washed away with the feel like Nori used for stationery, but it evaporates and dries quickly at the body temperature during use, so it is not necessary to wear it during sex The difficulty is that you have to. There is a preference as to which one to use, so it is better to try it once and then choose the one that suits your sex style. Is the main ingredient safe for putting in the mouth and vagina?

The lotion in the basic vagina is okay to give up, but the action like drinking the lotion very much is NG! The lubricant oil and lubricant gel is not necessarily made for drinking and contains various chemicals such as preservatives, so the stomach is It becomes loose. There are some lotions that you should not give up, so be sure to read the instructions before use.

The lubricant used for women?

The lubricant used for women?

We will introduce lotions that you can enjoy safely even when put in the pussy that I recommend! Because it is a lotion that can be used with confidence even for people with weak skin, try using it with her by all means. flavoured lube, and lubricating jelly and lostion ,sex lube,sex oil, moisturizing lubricant sex lube usage etc 5 selections of lotions that are safe and easy to use in the vagina

1. John and Marie (Organic Love Lotion): 99.5% of the raw material is organic and safe for pregnant women.

2. Flutopia Cherry: Safe to eat with 100% natural flavor.

3. Bioglide: A highly safe lotion that meets the strict requirements of the EU (European Union).

4. KY Jelly: Complete sterility used in obstetrics and gynecology and medical practice.

5. Astrogride Regular: A high-performance aqueous lotion developed by a former NASA engineer.

6. Nururun Lube:Thisis natural water based lubricant ,can be used by anyone is totally safe for health and irritation free.

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